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from Traci Sellers

* 2 c almond milk (to follow)
* 1 c raw cashews
* 2 t golden flax seed
* 2 c water
* c light olive oil (Bertolli's is the only truly raw light olive oil)
* c honey
* t sea salt
* The tiny seeds scraped from the inside of one vanilla bean (or 2 t pure vanilla extract, but it is not nearly as good!)
* c frozen (unsweetened) raspberries, crushed into little pieces

1. Place almond milk in jar or mixing bowl.  Set aside.

2. In blender, combine cashews, flax seed, water, oil, honey, salt and vanilla seeds.  Blend on high several minutes until very smooth.  I dip out small amounts and check for smoothness.

3. Combine with milk.  Chill completely, about two hours, in refrigerator before using.  This also allows the flax particles to thicken mixture.

4. Stir mixture and Freeze in a conventional ice cream maker according to manufacturer's instructions.  When ice cream is almost completely set up, add crushed raspberries and continue freezing until set.  It should be the consistency of thick soft-serve ice cream.


c soaked, sprouted almonds
1 T sweetener - honey or agave
2 c water
1/8 t sea salt

1. In blender combine nuts, sweetener, salt and c of the water, blend on low until it is thick and smooth, adding more water if necessary to keep mixture moving.

2. Add remaining water while blender is running and blend for four minutes

3. Strain milk through wire mesh strainer lined with porous cloth, like that used for thermal underwear (very important for a completely smooth texture).  This may yield slightly more milk than required for the ice cream - measure before using.
Raw Raspberry Ice Cream