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Dreamy Peachsicle Smoothie
Peaches are so delicious this time of year, if you are lucky enough to have ripe peaches around, you will definitely enjoy this recipe.  Any kind of peach will do, just make sure itís ripe and yummy before you freeze it.  Delicious and so easy!


2 ripe bananas
4 cups of frozen peach slices
1-2 cup of non dairy milk (IE Soy Milk, Almond Milk, Rice Milk)


1.Place peeled bananas in blender first.

2.Add frozen peach slices.

3.Pour in non-dairy milk and blend.

FOR ICE CREAM: I try to use the LEAST amount of liquid I can get away with when I blend everything together.  Try it!  Instead of a smoothie you can enjoy Dreamy Peachsicle ICE CREAM, you will have to eat it with a spoon.


For smoothies you should always add the softest things first and the hardest or frozen things last. 

Try the same recipe but substitute ripe frozen strawberries or frozen mangoes for the peaches. 

This recipe is a great way to beat the heat!