* Brown rice
* Cashew Cheese topping
* Toppings

Toppings you may want to include:

* Chopped celery
* Chopped green bell peppers
* Chopped red bell peppers
* Green onions
* Red onions
* Coconut
* Pineapple tidbits
* Sliced olives
* Diced tomatoes
* Sliced mushrooms
* Sprouts
* Slivered almonds
* Water chestnuts
* Chow Mein noodles
* Salt & Pepper to taste
* Any other fresh topping you can imagine!


For each serving you will want approximately one cup of cooked brown rice.

To make the topping prepare Fawn’s cashew
cheese topping, but leave out the gelatin (visit for the recipe).

Put all the fresh toppings on you want.

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