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Green Veggie Energy Drink
Contributed by Sarah Greer
Tools: Juicer/Vita-Mix
Makes:1 Serving
*4 Leaves Romaine lettuce
*1 small bunch of spinach
*1 small bunch of parsley
*Dandelion greens to taste
*3 stalks of celery
*2 large apples, cored
*Fresh mint leaf to taste
1. One at a time, roll the romaine lettuce, spinach, parsley and dandelion greens into a tight ball and push them through the juicer (or just put in your Vita-Mix)
2. Push the celery and apple through juicer: you can then garnish your energy booster with mint
**Even better: Try using all organic Veggies and fruit for an even better kick of energy!
NOTE: Sarah Greer is the Licensed Massage Therapist located above The Dr. Christopher Herb Shop in Springville.  Her website address is http://www.massageyogahealth.com/.
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