Inability to hear clearly.


1. It has been proven that certain types of drugs, including aspirin, can cause hearing loss. Antibiotics such as kanamycin, dihydrostreptomycin, and gentamycin can contribute to deafness. The side and after effects of inorganic drugs take their toll on the body. This is why we prefer to work with herbs and foods which operate synergistically (in harmony) with the body. [NL 4-6]

2. When a child cannot hear well, it may be from several causes, i.e., injury and concussion, nerve-loss, ears plugged with wax and/or debris. [HHH p.82]

Herbal Aids:

Ear & Nerve Formula: Dr. Christopher's Nervous System Formula with Black Cohosh and General Program for Deafness: In many cases, a person can help have his or her hearing enhanced by following Dr. Christopher's program. One patient had lost her hearing, and could only hear if someone screamed at her when she had her hearing aids turned up full. She couldn't use the phone anymore, and felt discouraged with life in general.

She decided to use the B & B tincture and garlic oil routine. With an eyedropper, you insert into each ear at night four to six drops of oil of garlic and four to six drops of B & B tincture, plugging ears overnight with cotton, six days a week, resting on the seventh day. This can continue for four to six months, or as needed. On the seventh day, flush the ears with a small ear syringe using warm apple cider vinegar and distilled water half and half.

Dr. Christopher commented that many cases where the person was considered legally deaf, by using this program they were able to hear again. Hundreds of people have thrown their hearing aids away after rebuilding their hearing with this simple program.

This same program is used for earaches and roaring in the head, ringing in the ears, etc. Dr. Christopher originally got this formula when he was working with an epileptic. He was searching for something that could really help the case, and received the formula by inspiration, as if a voice were saying it to him. An old gentleman thought that it might help his hearing, so he put it in his ears, too. In that same household, one of the little children had a terrible earache one night. The mother used this combination in the ears, and the pain stopped and the infection cleared up. Many children have been relieved from this simple program of garlic oil and B & B tincture. [EWH p.137] With some folks we have seen the hearing restored and hearing aids discarded in just a few months. In other cases, this program must be followed for far longer periods of time before results are noticed. No two people heal alike, so be patient and follow instructions, then see what happens! [NL 1-6]

Marjoram: The juice of Marjoram, both wild and cultivated, dropped into the ears helped deafness, pain, noise, and ringing. [NL 4-6]

Mullein: The oil is often used in the ears to relieve earache. The ointment, which is made from the oil, is used in the same way. We have had earaches in our family which resulted from congested lymph glands and colds. Although we treated the problem with garlic oil and B & B tincture, the problem did not clear up. By inserting oil of Mullein into the ear, however, we were able to stop the irritation in the ear as well as in the accompanying glands. The oil can be inserted into the ears to soften hard ear wax, or to moisten the area where the ear wax is insufficient; hearing losses due to ear wax have sometimes been thus alleviated. [UW-Mullein]

Ear Candles: The cautious use of "ear candles" can help clear the wax. Ear candles are an old invention. A pointed dowel rod is wrapped with a cotton or linen strip of cloth which has been dipped in melted paraffin wax. The rod should be about 8 inches long and about 3/4ths of an inch thick. When the paraffin hardens, a long, thin, cone-shaped form will result and the dowel rod can be removed. The pointed end of the linen cone is put into the ear canal and the other end is lit. The person should be sitting upright so the wax doesn't drip into the ear. To avoid injury, be sure to put the fire out before the burning candle reaches the head. When the ear candle is removed and unwrapped, it is usually filled with ear wax. The Amish people use these candles and it is a tradition with them. [NL 4-6]


1. Hearing Program: I have four other patients on the program for hearing loss and all are making fine progress. One, however, is really amazing.

This patient has been getting a new pair of hearing aids every year for the last twelve years, they're always giving her a stronger pair. The right one she has full blast and hears nothing--she has been diagnosed as nerve deafness.

After only five days she has turned this right hearing aid almost completely off and can hear the radio. She is the happiest woman I have ever seen. by the way, she drives to my office in Chicago twice a week nearly fifty miles each way, even in blizzards and could hardly hear the horns blow on the other cars. She is an amazed woman today." [NL 2-8]

2. Hearing Restored After 39 Years: A good many years ago- probably about 1940 my husband was struck by lightening which left him very hard of hearing. We tried several times to have him fitted with hearing aids, but no one seemed to think these would help his problem. Then in about 1973 Bell Tone fitted him, which helped some. In March 1979 we tried the herbal tincture as per your instructions: 6 days, 5 drops oil of garlic, then 5 drops herbal tincture; then the 7th day the cider vinegar and distilled water. Immediately he said to me, "Why! The clock is ticking!" From that day on he has not needed his hearing aids (over $1,100)! We did continue the procedure for another week. We need to know should we continue, and if so, for how long do you suggest? We continue to Praise God and give Him our thanks for this healing blessing. We want to thank you also, for our publication, and the research you have done, that has been such a blessing to us. [NL 1-10]

3. Hearing and Tic Improves with B & B Tincture: At the time of this writing, there is no surgical cure for nerve hearing loss. The causes are fetal damage, trauma at birth, infections, drugs, thyroid disease, diabetes, injuries, noise exposure, or nerve deterioration from age or malnutrition. Just last month, a woman said to us, "I wish they (medical science) would hurry and find a cure for nerve deterioration." We said, "For the nerves in the body?" She said, "No. For the nerves of the ear! I'm having a terrible time with hearing loss and it's getting worse. It's driving me crazy!" We told her that if she didn't have eardrum breakage, there were some herbal nervines that could be used directly in the ear as ear drops. She agreed to try the B & B tincture. As she spoke, her face exhibited a spastic dance of small nervous tics. A month later, on the B & B tincture, her hearing began to gain momentum while the nervous tics faded into the background. [NL 4-6]

4. Deaf Since 1 Year Old: Thanks to your formulas, I was able to cure several persons known to me. Also, my son, deaf since 1 year old, now 30 years old, has improved his hearing thanks to B & B Tincture. [NL 4-10]

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