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contributed by Amy Jones


These cookies really remind me of my Grandma's Butterscotch Cookies, but they are way easier to make (and healthier). 

1 cup applesauce
cup canola oil
1 cup honey
2 t vanilla
1 t apple cider vinegar
1 t baking soda
1 t salt
2 cups whole wheat flour

In a medium mixing bowl blend together applesauce, oil, honey, vanilla and vinegar until smooth.  In a separate bowl mix soda, salt and flour.  Add flour mixture to wet ingredients and stir together.  Scoop out batter by tablespoons and place on a greased cookie sheet.  These are more of a cake-like cookie.

Bake at 325 F for 8-10 minutes

Yield: 3 dozen

If desired you could add cup of carob chips.  I like to add chopped pecans and make a simple glaze frosting out of organic powdered sugar, soy milk and vanilla.
"Not" Grandma's Butterscotch Cookies