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This recipe is found in Dr. Christopher's Herbal Home Health Care

         2 cups chopped or ground up fruit (such as raisins, prunes, apricots, peaches, apples, dates or figs)
         1 oz powdered slippery elm bark
         1 oz powdered flax seed
         1 oz powdered licorice root

Mix together.  Then add
         Just enough sorghum or blackstrap molasses to moisten the dry ingredients.

Mix ingredients well and mold into small bars. Then roll these in equal parts of Slippery Elm bark and carob powder so the confection is no longer sticky. Eat these as needed to encourage bowel movements.  Nuts may also be chopped up and mixed as part of the portion of dried fruit. Honey or agave may be substituted for some of the molasses if a sweeter taste is desired.
Confectionary Bowel Aid