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Select a good variety of alfalfa seed. Usually natural food stores have them in stock, purchased explicitly for sprouting. Put about 1-2 tablespoons of dried seed into a clean glass quart jar. Instead of the original jar lid, use a flexible piece of screen and a rubber band to top the jar, preventing seeds from falling out while rinsing.
Step 1:
Cover the seeds with water and allow them to stand overnight.
Step 2:
Pour out water, drink it, or use it to water your plants... it's full of minerals.
Step 3:
Rinse alfalfa seeds about 2 times a day...make sure sprouts are thoroughly drained. That is, rinse the sprouts but do not let them stand in water.
Step 4:
After about 3 days, the sprouts are ready to eat. If, at any point, the sprouts are rather anaemic-looking, place the jar in a sunny location so they may be able to produce chlorophyll and appear green.
NOTE: According to research reports, the sprouts contain the highest amount of Vitamin B-12 on the fourth day of germination.
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